A Mentor supports you and your child

Patenkinder Berlin - Guidance and Integration through Games and Fun Activities for Refugee Children


What does a Mentor do?

In a mentorship, an adult Mentor  meets regularly with a child Mentee in order to explore Berlin together. The mentor provides time, ideas and a ready ear to listen to any needs and issues the child may face. Mentor and Mentee meet up once a week and for at least one year. They play, go on trips and discover the city together. Through the mentorship, the mentee has the opportunity to learn a lot and to experience exciting things.


Why is  Mentor good for my child?

1. Confidence
Spending time with the Mentor makes your child more confident.

The Mentor helps your child to make new experiences and learn new things. 

Your child improves their German language skills.

By going on trips with the Mentor, your child learns about the neighborhood and the city.

Spending time with the mentor is going to be lots of fun for your child.

The new friendship helps your child to settle more quickly and safely in Berlin. An experienced person supports this process.


What is behind the project “Patenkinder Berlin”?

The project is overseen by two coordinators and is funded by the Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family.


Who becomes a Mentor?

Reliable and trustworthy individuals, who want to accompany children and to support them in their development, can become mentors.  Mentors are neither tutors nor family helpers. They provide guidance to the children during their leisure time.


Do we screen the Mentors?

Once someone applies to be a Mentor, the project coordinators screen them to check if they are suitable for working with children and prepare them for their new role. The most important requirement is an extended police clearance, which shows a clear record. Furthermore, the coordinators conduct an in-depth personal interview with every potential Mentor. Only if the coordinators are certain of the suitability of the candidate for the role do they accept them as new Mentors for the project. Even after Mentor and Mentee are connected, the coordinators stay in touch with the Mentors.


What do we expect from the parents?

It is crucial that parents support the mentorship actively, that they schedule appointments with the Mentor, that they keep appointments, and contact the project coordinators in case of difficulties.


What is the time frame of the mentoring?

Mentor and Mentee meet up once a week for 3 to 4 hours. The mentorship should last for at least a year. If the family and the Mentor both wish, they can keep meeting beyond the first year.


What are the conditions?

  • You are a refugee family
  • You live in Berlin
  • Your child is between 6 and 12 years old


Does this project sound interesting to you? If so, we would be glad to answer further questions.

You can contact us via phone, WhatsApp or E-Mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


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